Why Weledi, Ethiopia?

Weledi has unique issues that perpetuate poverty

Weledi is located on the hillsides of the Amhara region of Ethiopia, one of the oldest countries in Africa, with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. It is about a six-hour drive from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Weledi is home to both Amhara and Oromo communities and is the hub of five other surrounding communities. Despite this rich history, poverty is widespread in Weledi due to economic disadvantages, high inflation, drought, and other factors.

Poverty tends to persist across generations, with families lacking access to fundamental necessities like clean water, shelter, and nutritious food. In Weledi, Ethiopia, there are various reasons why this cycle of poverty has continued.


The people living in Weledi cannot make use of the land around them because almost the entire valley is owned by a large corporation. Consequently, the residents are unable to grow their own crops for personal consumption or to sell in the market.


People have to travel far to find work since the land is unusable. This creates difficulties for children and elderly individuals with disabilities who cannot easily travel. Many fathers had to leave their families behind to find work in nearby areas. However, when they returned, they unknowingly brought an outbreak of AIDS with them. This had a devastating effect on families and resulted in a high number of children growing up without both parents.


Due to lack of adequate infrastructure such as electricity or clean water, the people are constantly ill from waterborne illnesses and require healthcare. Without a solid infrastructure the population struggles.


Many schools are unable to provide sufficient educational resources, such as chalk, computers, science equipment, and books. Additionally, some children have to travel long distances to attend school, which can take away from their working hours. Furthermore, attending school requires purchasing uniforms and supplies, which can be a financial burden for families struggling to afford basic necessities like food. It is difficult to prioritize education when basic needs cannot be met.

Life Skills

Many people in the community do not possess fundamental knowledge regarding life skills, sanitation, health, human trafficking of young girls, and financial management. This lack of understanding hinders their ability to enhance their lives and the community they live in. It is crucial to address these issues to promote progress and development.

Our initiatives aim to address these issues as well as provide a repeatable process so that the people can ultimately build up their community and support each other. One by one, they are beginning to change the direction of each other’s lives for generations to come.

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