Success Stories

Outreach Ethiopia makes REAL, POSITIVE IMPACT!

Outreach Ethiopia encourages the students of Weledi to take charge of their own future. An education ensures the orphans with a means to escape poverty and have a prosperous future.

Over 150 students are currently enrolled or have passed through our program over the last 13 years. For a rural city like Weledi, before our program was implemented, attending a university was a miracle as only one high school graduate ever attended a university. Of those that have graduated, there are:

  • 7 enrolled in a university
  • 3 teachers
  • 2 nurses
  • 8 health extension workers
  • 1 biomedical engineer
  • 1 TV broadcaster
  • 1 computer science
  • 2 marketing
  • 1 banker at a major bank in Addis
  • 3 bankers at the local government savings bank
  • 7 business start-ups
  • 3 mechanics
  • 7 military
  • 22 agriculture
  • multiple others are homemakers, providing for the next generation

Their stories are an inspiration to all of us. If given the opportunity, even a young orphan in rural Ethiopia can achieve amazing things and bring the Outreach Ethiopia project full circle by giving back to their home village. It’s becoming a cycle of success…and that is REAL, POSITIVE IMPACT.

 Success Stories

Hassen: Exceeding Expectations in the Finance Industry

Hassen, a graduate of Outreach Ethiopia, received his Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting with honors from a prestigious university in Ethiopia. Despite graduating during the pandemic, Hassen secured a coveted position at a leading bank, surpassing thousands of other candidates. His hard work and unwavering determination paid off, as he has since been promoted three times and now works at the head corporate office in Addis Ababa.

Hassen was given an opportunity by Outreach Ethiopia and he worked hard to transform his life and create a positive impact for future generations.


 Success Stories

Rehima: Healing Others with a Medical Career

Through Outreach Ethiopia, Rehima was able to graduate high school with exceptional results and pass the government-mandated exam. Currently, she is pursuing a medical degree at Mecelle University to fulfill her passion of working in the medical field and helping others.


 Success Stories

Selehadin: Exceeding Expectations in the Broadcasting Industry

Selehadin graduated the Outreach Ethiopia program and attended Jijiga University for his undergrad work and is now working towards a Master’s degree in Broadcasting at Wollo University while working at his job.

His dedication to his family and Weledi is well known. During the war, he walked from Dessie where he worked as a broadcaster to Weledi through the rugged terrain (over 200 miles) to make sure his grandmother was ok. He frequently visits his hometown and provides mentorship and support to other children in Outreach Ethiopia who are also striving to overcome poverty. Selehadin gives back to Outreach Ethiopia by creating videos of the Weledi people.

Selehadin took the opportunity that Outreach Ethiopia provided and turned his life around. In addition to his educational talents, Selehadin possesses a heartfelt desire to promote a positive impact by helping others.

 Success Stories

Seid: Advancing Biomedical Engineering at a Prestigious University

Seid, a graduate of Outreach Ethiopia, has completed a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering after receiving a full scholarship from the Ethiopian government to attend the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology in India. Based on academic achievements, the Ethiopian government selects one student per year from the entire country for this honor. In 2019, our student, Seid, was the recipient. He has returned to Ethiopia and is now seeking to further his education by pursuing a PhD abroad. His goal is to come back to Ethiopia as a professor, where he can inspire and mentor future generations of students.

Seid remains profoundly grateful to Outreach Ethiopia for the life-changing opportunity it provided him, and is determined to pay it forward by helping others in his home country.


 Success Stories

Helen: Investing in the Lives of Weledi Children as a Local Teacher

After graduating from the Outreach Ethiopia program, Helen continued her education and pursued her dream of becoming a teacher. She returned to Weledi and currently teaches elementary school.

 Helen understands the importance of education and is dedicated to improving the lives of children by fostering the growth of the future generation.


 Success Stories

Mahilet: Giving back to her community as an Entrepreneur

Mahilet graduated high school through Outreach Ethiopia. She saw an opportunity to start her own business in her hometown of Weledi. She now owns and operates a bread shop and has become a successful entrepreneur.


 Success Stories

Nebyu: Working to Succeed in the Technology Industry

Nebyu completed the Outreach Ethiopia program and obtained a degree in Computer Science. He was also among the top students in his class when he graduated in 2022. Currently, he is seeking employment opportunities. Now, he is eagerly seeking new opportunities to utilize his skills and make a positive impact in the world. His success is a testament to his determination and passion for learning, which allowed him to overcome poverty.

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