Solar Power

The Life-changing Power of Solar

Weledi and the surrounding rural villages lack access to electricity and are still forced to burn wood for lighting and cooking. They live in energy poverty. Unfortunately, the government is unable to provide electricity to the rural villages.

The aftermath of the recent conflict in Weledi resulted in the destruction of the main transformer that provided electricity to the town. Currently, there is no electricity in Weledi. We believe in some distant future that the government will rebuild the transformer in Weledi. Energy poverty in the rural villages is great. In a civilized world, we press a switch and bingo, there is light. It’s different in the rural area and Weledi. The need for solar power is great.

With generous donations, Outreach Ethiopia is in the process of installing 150 BioLite 620 plus home kits in our children's and elderly’s homes. Something as simple as lighting a home will be life changing for them. No more burning kerosene or firewood for lighting, which means less time gathering firewood every day, which translates to less of an environmental impact in the area. 

Fundraising continues to purchase more kits to provide the rural homes with solar power.

See our progress below.

City Manager delivers a truckload of BioLite Kits to the village of Weledi.

14 of our kids (10 male and 4 female) have been trained to use and install the BioLite kit.

Our kids installing BioLite on the roof of a home.

Elderly woman turning on the BioLite for the first time.

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