Program Summary

People of Weledi Village

After assessing the community, we defined several areas of need.

The Outreach Ethiopia Program

  • Shelter (Housing) – places the children with extended family or friends within the community.
  • Food – provides a monthly stipend for food purchases for both the children and elderly.
  • Education – requires enrolment in school with educational achievement criteria for continued participation in the Outreach Ethiopia program.
  • School and Local Library – provisioned two new libraries, lab equipment, books, desks, and chairs to improve quality of the kids’ education.
  • Clothing and School Supplies – provides clothing, shoes, uniforms, and supplies for each child every school year.
  • Counselling – provides counselling by a licensed Social Worker who also works with the children’s teachers to ensure the children’s progress.
  • Savings Account – opens a bank account for each child with a small, monthly deposit for use upon high school graduation for continued education or entrepreneurship.
  • Community “Conversation” Events – provides resources to teach a variety of life skills to the community, including personal health & development, with a focus on topics such as hygiene, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS education, the destruction caused by human trafficking, household finance, and small business development.

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