Program Success

The efforts of Outreach Ethiopia and its donors have made a tremendous impact on people's lives.

Outreach Ethiopia is making a REAL, POSITIVE IMPACT!

  • Over 150 students are currently enrolled or have passed through our program; currently six (6) Outreach Ethiopia young adults are enrolled in universities in Ethiopia. For a rural city like Weledi, this is a miracle as only one high school graduate ever attended a university before our program.
  • Seid - a graduate of the program is completing his Bachelor’s degree in BioTech Engineering after receiving a full scholarship by the Ethiopian government to attend the Technical University in India. The Ethiopian government selects one student per year for this honor, from the entire country, based on academic achievements….and in 2019, our student, Seid, was the recipient. He plans to pursue his PhD and return to Ethiopia as a teaching professor.
  • Helen - a young lady graduate became a teacher and returned to Weledi as an elementary school teacher.
  • Mahilet - another young lady graduate opened her own bread shop in Weledi.
  • Selehadin – this young man is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Broadcasting. In addition to his educational talents, Selehadin possess a heart-felt desire to promote the positive impact people can make by helping others.
  • Hassen – another Outreach Ethiopia graduate just received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, with honors, from a top university in Ethiopia, and landed his first job at a major bank.

Our efforts help the people of Weledi, Ethiopia to provide for their own future. Education equips the orphans with the means to help themselves escape poverty and have a prosperous future.

Testimonials from Outreach Ethiopia High School Students 

Created by an Outreach Ethiopia graduate, Selehadin, that now has a media career.

Seid (India Tech University,
BioTech Engineering Major)


Selehadin (Jijiga University,
Master’s, Broadcasting Major)


Mahilet - runs her own
bread shop in Weledi


Helen - Teaches Elementary School in Weledi


Hassen - Finance/Accounting working for a major bank


Rehima (Mecelle University, Medical Major)


Latrine System

Outreach Ethiopia teamed with Engineers Without Borders (Central Houston Professional Chapter EWB-CHP) to design and install a latrine system for the community of Weledi.

Infrastructure projects continue to be a significant need to ensure the safety and well-being of our children and adults.

Video of the latrine system design and construction

Latrine System
Latrine System