Program Overview

Outreach Ethiopia’s initiatives help the people of Weledi, Ethiopia to provide for their own future.

We have a number of initiatives, both big and small, that work together to achieve our overall mission. These initiatives are all centered around three core initiatives, which guide everything we do. Our core initiatives are basic needs, education, and infrastructure.

When we initially assessed the community, we defined several areas of need including food, clothing, shelter, education, school supplies, library, counseling, financial management, and community education. We weaved these needs into our core initiatives and have since built upon them as we continue the program.

Oversight and Financial Management

Community Leader Committee - We have developed a 12-member oversight committee, consisting of community leaders, that meet quarterly to share a meal together and discuss the well-being of the children and elderly, to nominate kids for the program, record their progress and find solutions for the children who are struggling in the program.

Social Worker - We make sure the basic needs of the children are being met through the guidance of a social worker that visits each child’s household every week. The social worker talks with each child and addresses any issues they may have.

Stipend - 75% of the child’s monthly stipend goes towards food, clothing, and shelter. The appointed guardian receives a portion of these funds to provide for the child. 25% goes into a savings account in the child’s name for their higher education or to open a business once they have graduated.

The Outreach Ethiopia Program

Outreach Ethiopia has set up several programs to support our 3 core initiatives.

Basic Needs

Our first priority is to supply a few basic needs to the vulnerable children and some disabled elderly. We believe when the children’s basic needs are met, they are able to focus on their education, which will allow them to provide for themselves and for others in the future.

Our basic needs program includes:


We provide a monthly stipend for food purchases for both the children and the elderly.

Shoes & Clothing:

We provide two sets of clothing and a pair of shoes every year for each child.


We have set up each child with a caregiver (extended family or friends within the community) that provides shelter and assist the caregivers with a stipend for the child’s care. 

Healthcare & Supplies:

We provide access to medication, medical supplies, and healthcare on an as-needed basis. We also occasionally support the local health clinic.

Elderly Bedding:

Every 2 years Outreach Ethiopia provides the elderly with a tarp for the mud floor of their huts, a small mattress, sheets, and a blanket, supplied right before winter


Our second priority is education. Providing education is crucial to enable them to break free from poverty and become helpful individuals who contribute to society in the future.

We also educate the orphans’ community with basic life skills to help ensure the well-being and health of the people. The orphans cannot survive without a supportive community. We believe it is important to develop bonds within the community so that the community can support the children and their future.

Our education program includes:


The program requires the child to be enrolled in school with educational achievement criteria for continued participation in the Outreach Ethiopia program.

School Supplies:

School supplies are provided for each child every school year including textbooks, pencils, notebooks, a book bag.

School Uniforms:

Each year the children are supplied one set of the government-mandated school uniform.

Educational Resources:

Outreach Ethiopia provides educational resources such as books for the school and community libraries, computers, furniture, and a science lab with lab supplies and equipment to improve the quality of their education.

Savings Account:

The child’s future is secured with 25% of the child’s monthly stipend going into a savings account in the child’s name for use upon high school graduation for continued education or entrepreneurship.

1-on-1 Counseling:

Counseling is provided by a licensed Social Worker who also works with the individual children and their teachers to ensure the children’s progress.

Community Conversations:

On a weekly and quarterly basis, Outreach Ethiopia hosts community meetings that provide resources to teach a variety of life skills to the community, including personal health & development.

Family Counseling:

Once a month the social worker gathers with the kids and guardians and provides snacks and drinks while they discuss how the kids are, their issues, home life, as well as parenting skills.  


Without the proper infrastructure, a community can’t prosper. The Ethiopian government is not able to provide regular electricity, water, and other common infrastructure needs to the people of Weledi, Ethiopia. Outreach Ethiopia has invested in the infrastructure of Weledi so that the orphans and elderly in the program can focus on improving their lives and community.

Our infrastructure program includes:


Outreach Ethiopia along with our in-country NGO ORDA convinced the Ethiopian government to install a much-needed water well for the Weledi community.


Outreach Ethiopia teamed with Engineers Without Borders (Central Houston Professional Chapter EWB-CHP) to design and install a latrine system for the community of Weledi.

Health Clinic:

The clinic was under-equipped and required outside intervention. Outreach Ethiopia was able to supply the health clinic with equipment and pharmaceutical supplies for 6 months.

Community Library:

Outreach Ethiopia provided a community library with educational resources to improve the quality of the children's education and help the whole community improve their academic knowledge and skills.

Solar Power:

Outreach Ethiopia has provided 150 BioLite 620 plus home kits in our children's and elderly’s homes to enable reading and family time after dark.

Sustainable Community:

An ambitious initiative to build a resilient community that provides income generation via sustainable farming practices and renewable energy sources.

Children's Shelter:

Outreach Ethiopia does not provide housing, but we placed the children in homes within the community and provide support for the guardians to ensure the children are taken care of properly.

Financial Integrity

Prioritizing Financial Stewardship

At Outreach Ethiopia, we value the responsible use of resources and make every effort to ensure that all donations are used wisely to fulfill our mission.

Our team is entirely made up of volunteers, so 100% of all donations can be used to support the people of Weledi, Ethiopia. We appreciate your support and pledge to use all donations efficiently and effectively towards our initiatives.

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1 child’s food for 1 month

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1 child’s clothing, pair of shoes, uniform and school supplies for 1 year

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1 month’s deposit into child’s savings account for higher education

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1 disabled elderly’s food, clothing and supplies for 1 month

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