Program Accomplishments

Outreach Ethiopia has accomplished a lot in Weledi, Ethiopia. Because of our donors, we’ve made a tremendous impact on people's lives through various initiatives. Our initiatives have built upon one another to create hope in a little villiage in Ethiopia.

Our Accomplishments at a Glance:

  • 150+ Kids Enrolled
  • 35 Graduated program
  • 7 in University
  • 35 Disabled/Elderly Served
  • 8 Latrines Built
  • 1 Well Dug
  • 3 Libraries Furnished
  • 1 Computer Lab Built
  • 50% of the Weledi Community Served
  • 150 Home Solar Light Kits Provided
  • 6 Months of Medication Donated


Shoe and clothing donation program

Year: 2023

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters (UT Athletic Department/FOCO, Texas State H.E.A.T. organization, Ladies of Charity & Lakeway Church Faith and Fellowship Group) who have provided donations of clothing and shoes, the children and elderly at Outreach Ethiopia are well-prepared with everyday attire for the 2023/2024 year.


Doctor visits for the elderly

Year: 2023

Outreach Ethiopia was able to assist the elderly by providing a physician assistant. The PA went to each elderly home gave them a checkup and evaluation and supplied them with medication and medical equipment.


Health clinic

Year: 2023

The existing health clinic in Weledi is the only clinic for Weledi and the entire surrounding villages. The war in Ethiopia left the clinic empty and devastated. Because of the limited resources of the Ethiopian government, the clinic was under-equipped and required outside intervention. Outreach Ethiopia was able to supply the health clinic with pharmaceutical supplies for 6 months.


Bedding for the elderly

Year: 2022

The elderly in the Outreach Ethiopia program live in small huts that have a dirt floor so that when it rains the floor turns to mud. So, once every 2 years, Outreach Ethiopia provides the elderly with a tarp for the floor, a small mattress, sheets, and a blanket, supplied right before winter.



Year: 2019

The Pearson family generously donated 10 laptop computers to Weledi Middle and High Schools, making a significant impact on the educational progress of each student. Since receiving these computers, both teachers and students have greatly benefited.


Community library

Year: 2010

As part of our mission to educate the Weledi community, Outreach Ethiopia provided a community library with educational resources such as books to improve the quality of the children's education. The library should help the whole community improve their academic knowledge and give them skills to fight poverty.


School teaching supplies

Year: 2010

Outreach Ethiopia also provided educational resources such as books for the school and community libraries, furniture, and a science lab with lab supplies and equipment to improve the quality of their education. The community library should help the whole community improve their academic knowledge and skills in fighting poverty. It is part of our plan to periodically supply educational resources.


Water well

Year: 2014

Outreach Ethiopia along with our in-country NGO ORDA convinced the local government to install a much-needed water well for the Weledi community. It is part of our plan to expand the resources available to the children, elderly, and disabled in the future.


Latrine system

Year: 2017

Outreach Ethiopia teamed with Engineers Without Borders (Central Houston Professional Chapter EWB-CHP) to design and install a latrine system for the community of Weledi.



Year: 2005

It started in 2005. We provided financial and management assistance to the people of Weledi to construct a bridge that was destroyed in a flash flood causing the people to have to walk many miles in order to cross the river.


In their words

“I am so grateful for the support that Outreach Ethiopia has provided me and without the program, I would not have been able to attend school...”


Outreach Ethiopia Student

“I am 74 years old disabled with only one leg. But since joining the program, I have received support that has made a huge difference in my life... ”


Outreach Ethiopia Elderly

“It is seldom to see a project where its direct beneficiaries express the benefits gained from a project through crying (words lack to express their internal satisfactions)...”


ORDA Ethiopia Auditor

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