Education equips the orphans with the means to help themselves escape poverty and have a prosperous future.

Outreach Ethiopia provides educational supplies including textbooks, pencils, notebooks, a book bag and a government mandated school uniform.

We also provide a social worker who talks with the children’s teachers daily about their progress. They work together to solve any issues that may hinder the child’s education.

Outreach Ethiopia also provides educational resources such as books for the school and community libraries, furniture and a science lab with lab supplies and equipment to improve quality of their education. The community library should help the whole community improve their academic knowledge and skills fighting poverty. We hope to be able to expand the resources available to the children in the near future.

The child’s future is secured with 25% of the child’s monthly stipend going into a savings account in the child’s name. The funds can only be accessed upon graduation from secondary school and with acceptance to a university or vocational program, or with the presentation of a business plan to start a small business. The children have hope to not only to finish high school, but also to receive the rare opportunity to continue their education and solidify their future.

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