We provide the orphans’ community with basic life skills to help ensure the well-being and health of the people.

The people of Weledi, Ethiopia lack basic life skills that we take for granted. We provide the community of 700+ people an opportunity to come together in twelve (12) small groups, once a month, to enjoy a meal and to have a Community Conversation. An educator facilitates these meetings to educate the people about sanitation issues such as boiling water, washing hands and cooking food thoroughly. The people also learn how to prevent human trafficking of young girl, how to protect themselves from HIV, malaria and other diseases.

Outreach Ethiopia also facilitates and provides coffee, tea and bread for weekly small group meetings (10 groups, 70-100 people each) to discuss the needs of the community. The needs include everything from caring for the sick and elderly to personal needs for the individual. The goal is to bring the community together to help each other in a way they would not have been able to before.

We have developed a 12 member steering committee, consisting of community leaders, that meet quarterly to share a meal together and discuss the well-being of the children and elderly, to nominate kids for the program, record their progress and find solutions for the children who are struggling in the program.

The orphans cannot survive without a supportive community. We believe it is important to develop bonds within the community so that the community can support the children and their future.

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