Our efforts help the people of Weledi, Ethiopia to provide for their own future.

After extensive research of the economic conditions in the area and the specific issues effecting the community, we determined the best way to start providing hope and opportunity for the children and people of Weledi, Ethiopia was to provide the following:

  • The basic needs of shelter, food, and clothing for the orphaned children
  • An opportunity for an education for the orphaned and vulnerable children, and
  • A program of life skills education for the community at-large.
  • We believe that if the children, and the community, are healthy and educated, they will have the tools to escape poverty and have hope for a prosperous future.

Outreach Ethiopia is planning future initiatives to improve the water supply and education facilities.

We hope that with your help, not only will we be able to expand the number of children in the program, but also provide funding for our future initiatives.

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