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help themselves

We DO NOT believe poverty is ended through charity. We DO believe it can end through opportunity. Outreach Ethiopia empowers the most vulnerable to become self-sufficient and to thrive instead of just survive.

Together, we can create lasting change. We already are – see our success stories.


Using renewable resources to create jobs, social capital and food security


100% of your donation goes directly to fund an initiative


Meet the orphans. Hear their stories. Be inspired.

Weledi Comunity

Thinking Forward

Self-sufficiency provides security and hope

Outreach Ethiopia has been working with the children and elderly in the small rural town of Weledi in Ethiopia to create jobs, income, social capital, and food security since 2005.

Our next big initiative is to create a sustainable community with aeroponic and aquaculture fish farming. Watch our video to learn more about Outreach Ethiopia and our new initiative.

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Kids Educated

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Graduated Program

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Enrolled in University

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Disabled Elderly

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Latrines Built

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Libraries Built

Featured Initiatives

Explore some of our initiatives

We achieve our mission through 3 core initiatives: Basic Needs, Education, and Infrastructure. All our initiatives are structured with our core initiatives in mind to ensure we are building a path to self-sufficiency.


Sustainable Community

Our ambitious initiative is to build a resilient community that provides income generation via sustainable farming practices and renewable energy sources.


Core Initiative: Education

We support the children's education and educate the orphans’ community with basic life skills to help ensure the well-being and health of their environment.


Solar Power Lights

The installation of 150 solar kits to power homes will provide reliable light for the children to read, do their homework and spend productive time with family.

Success Story

Selehadin: Exceeding Expectations in the Broadcasting Industry

Selehadin graduated high school and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Broadcasting at Jijiga University. In addition to his educational talents, Selehadin possess a heart-felt desire to promote the positive impact people can make by helping others.

Selehadin took the opportunity that Outreach Ethiopia provided and turned his life around so that he can now come back to the village and mentor other young Outreach Ethiopia kiddos.


Financial Integrity

Prioritizing Financial Stewardship

At Outreach Ethiopia, we value the responsible use of resources and make every effort to ensure that all donations are used wisely to fulfill our mission.

Our team is entirely made up of volunteers, so 100% of all donations can be used to support the people of Weledi, Ethiopia. We appreciate your support and pledge to use all donations efficiently and effectively towards our initiatives.

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1 child’s food for 1 month

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total cost per year for 1 child to participate in the program

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1 child’s clothing, pair of shoes, uniform and school supplies for 1 year

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provides solar electricity for 1 household

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1 month’s deposit into child’s savings account for higher education

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1 disabled elderly’s food, clothing and supplies for 1 month


In their words

“I am so grateful for the support that Outreach Ethiopia has provided me and without the program, I would not have been able to attend school...”


Outreach Ethiopia Student

“I am 74 years old disabled with only one leg. But since joining the program, I have received support that has made a huge difference in my life... ”


Outreach Ethiopia Elderly

“It is seldom to see a project where its direct beneficiaries express the benefits gained from a project through crying (words lack to express their internal satisfactions)...”


ORDA Ethiopia Auditor

Help make lasting change in Weledi, Ethiopia

Check out our initiatives and choose the one that you would like to be apart of.